Aim to get it done on time.
                     Aim to get it done on budget.
    Aim to get it done right the first time.

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"The reason Master Builders eliminate surprises on your kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel, is because they're master builders."

Ted Hill - Aim Higher Construction - LA General Contractor

Check out our "Value of a detailed proposal" video above.

A detained proposal tells you more than just how much a project will cost, it also tells you a lot about the Los Angeles general contractors company values and how they approach business. Master builders know what they're doing and it all starts with a detailed estimate covering every part of the project, showing line by line where the money is going.

But if you've ever done any construction or remodeling you know how it can go sometimes. Craftsmen with loose estimates who don't take pride in their work can drive any home owner to drink.  And going back and re-doing something is costly in both time and money. So if you're thinking of hiring a contractor do your homework and check references. It's the only way to get the quality construction you deserve and not have to go back and fix shoddy work...again.

master builders
Master builders make everything clean and percise.

How Aim Higher Constructions Los Angeles general contractors work.

As master builders, the buck stops here.

Everybody has heard a contractor or general builder horror story. It's an unfortunate part of the business that is comprised of craftsmen who don't care, are unqualified or, all too often, take short cuts - the result is home construction costs spiraling out of control for the home owner.

Our goal as master builders is to provide our clients

with the best experience possible by eliminating all of these home
construction costs variables.

Advanced home construction technology.
As general builders, it starts at the top with our project managers.
Employing the latest technology and materials available in the building
industry today, we get it done right - the first time.

Integrated home construction management.

As master builders we seamlessly weave all the disciplines of
construction into one managed project. We also offer a maintenance program that insures everything we do continues to look and work
beautifully - long after your project is completed.

Managed home construction costs status.

Our project managers will constantly supervise your project and
provide you with frequent updates and status reports. Not only will
your project be completed on budget, it will also be completed on time. We don't make excuses. We make deadlines.
Keeping home construction costs in line without sacrificing quality is the backbone of good builders. Call today to see how we can help with your project.

Aim Higher Construction, the master builders of LA.  310 . 476  . 0999

master builders
A multi-level deck, floating a lawn high above the street puts master builders to the test.