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"I think one of the most satisfiying things about building a deck of this magnitude is proving, whatever you can dream, we can build."

Ted Hill - Aim Higher Construction - LA General Contractor

how much to build a deck
Multideck project on a hillside: $185,000.00

This was a home remodel on a hillside, in other words there was no yard with little outdoor space. So the owners idea here was to turn what started out as a hillside into a series of decks terracing down the hillside in the back of the house.

The top deck seen in the photo to the left (at top) is accessible from the kitchen and master bedroom. This gives the homeowners a whole other zone for dining and relaxing.

how much to build a deck
Large grass deck 30 feet above the street.

The main deck is in the middle of the 3 terracing decks and covered with grass. This is a large floating yard 30 feet above the street with 180 degrees of views and nothing but the trees and sky above.

This is where most of the outdoor entertaining and relaxing will take place. It's a private sanctuary above it all with direct access from the family room (that also has it's own kitchen for summer dinner parties on the lawn).
how much to build a deck
Looking down from the upper deck.

To the left of the main deck below is the 3rd and last deck terracing down the hillside. This is a secluded deck off the guest house nearest the street level below. This new deck area gives house guests their own private outdoor space to enjoy while visiting.

Although this is the smallest deck of the 3 terracing decks, it's also the most intimate. The outdoor deck is surrounded by trees and it's exclusive use and access for house guest only.

how much to build a deck
Modern steel fence with wood cap.

All the decks were finished off with modern steel fences and topped with a natural dark wood.

This gave us the look and feel the owner was after with just the right touch of warmth from the wood cap.
how much to build a deck
Second entrance to middle deck from street.

The main middle grass deck could be accessed from the front of the house, but it also had another entrance from the street behind the house. This worked well for delivery of catering or party supplies for parties. It was also perfect for the yard service people to get in and out without disturbing the residents of the house.