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"Our Los Angeles Kitchen remodeling clients have never pick us based on cost, they pick us based on the extreme detail of our estimates."

Ted Hill - Aim Higher Construction - LA General Contractor

Watch a video on the value of a detailed estimate.
los angeles kitchen remodel

One of the things we're most proud of
is the detail to our estimates. Sure we can give you a verbal ballpark estimate to get the ball rolling, but it's only when we do a detailed written document on your project that we can both see what the job will actually cost.

FYI: If you're going to pick your construction team based on price we can save you some time right now. We will never be the low cost option. But if you value quality before low cost, then we're the right team and would love to work with you.
los angeles kitchen remodel

We know they're many options. So what we do after we have a tight estimate and timeline on your project, is talk to you about the applience, cabinet and kitchen counter options and cost ramifications.

We many times even do a rendering of how your new kitchen will look based on your kitchen applience, counter and cabinets choices. This gives you a good idea of what the finished product will look like, and cost. In other words, they're no surprises. And that's good for everybody.
los angeles kitchen remodel

Here's the kitchen remodel "after photo"
of the kitchen top left with red cabinets. This was an kitchen remodeling job where we brought back the spirit of mid century through design, all new appliances and materials.

The look is clean and simple using birch cabinets with white oak floors. The counters are dark grey Caesar stone and the appliances all stainless steel. See below for other photos.

los angeles kitchen remodel

The client choose Kitchen Aid for all appliances in this kitchen remodel job. Not top of the line but a very good choice. The fridge was recessed into the wall and lined up with the cabinets to it's left. This left a nice clean galley look and feel of the kitchen.
los angeles kitchen remodel

Here's another shot of the cabinets where you can see the metal handles. They are very simple and streamline making it easy to open any cabinet or drawer with out drawing too much attention to themselves. They keep the look clean and simple with a nod to the mid century designers who inspired them.

If you've gotten this far then it's time to talk cost. Here's the first thing you need to keep in mind figuring out the average kitchen remodel cost. Most of the time, 16 percent of the budget is spent on labor and the rest is spent on buying the necessary materials. So a big part of your costs will depend on your taste and the quality of the appliances you choose.

los angeles kitchen remodel

Lets start with the lowest,
average cost for a kitchen remodeling Los Angeles project. This would be the $6,000 to $10,000 range. NOTE: This range means you don't move plumping and light fixtures around, and are flexible on the quality of appliances and materials. Remember, dream kitchens don't have to cost a lot, they just have to do what you want them to do.

Aim Higher Kitchen - Creating a simple, tasteful, open look and feel transforms this small kitchen: $8,958.00
KITCHEN CONSTRUCTION TIP: Always factor in a 12 percent overrun on the overall cost. This is key, having your budget higher than expected costs helps keep you in the ballpark and avoids the pain that can be caused when your costs are higher than the original budget or what you thought was the average cost to a los angeles kitchen remodeling project.
los angeles kitchen remodel
Now lets talk about the normal - kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles cost. We're talking the $15,000 to $50,000 range. Of course it all depends on space and how high-end you go with your appliances. You'll find when you "renovate kitchen", there's always a good / better / best option for everything, and the total cost of your kitchen remodel will reflect that.

Aim Higher Kitchen - total remodel with wall opened up to create a new kitchen bar flowing into the living room: $31,472.00
KITCHEN CONSTRUCTION TIP: When getting estimates from contractors, see exactly where your money is going. This will allow you to judge not only the overall value of the bid, but where you might be able to cut costs to stay within your budget.
los angeles kitchen remodel

Lastly, let talk about the high end - Los Angeles kitchen remodeling cost. This likely will start around $50,000. This involves completely changing the layout of your kitchen rerouting the water, gas & power lines and maybe taking out a wall. The cost for dream kitchens can be expensive, but you'll be spending a lot of time there, so why the heck not.

Aim Higher Kitchen - Total remodel with custom high end everything: $87,746.00
Yet, no estimate or cost breakdown is worthwhile without an experienced and reliable contractor to complete your kitchen remodeling in los angeles project. If you have any questions or just want a second opinion on the average cost to remodel kitchen, feel free to give us a call. We love to talk about this stuff.
average kitchen remodel cost
Every element is designed and installed to exacting tolerances.
average kitchen remodel cost
Clean simple lines make for a distintive counter.
dream kitchens
Wood like tile adds warmth and character.
If you're wavering on the value of a kitchen makeover, remember this; The kitchen is the most important room in your house,  it's where you'll spend the most time and have the best memories. It's where the family meets everyday, it's the place your friends will gravitate to, and it's the place every holiday or celebration will revolve around. What's life without food, and food comes from the kitchen. To find more about your kitchen remodeling Los Angeles project costs, give us a call at: 310 . 476 . 0999.
renovate kitchen
One of our total kitchen remodels on the westside.