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"A low cost deck can be a beautiful deck, it just takes some planning, vision and a team of craftsmen who are in the business of perfect".

Gregorio Patino - Aim Higher Construction - Project Manager.

patio deck remodel
This whole project started because the original owner of the house did not build a low cost deck, he built a really cheap deck (meaning the materials were cheap and did not last). From the patio deck roof to the foundation, everything was not thought out, and when it rained, water ran over the deck and under the house. This was creating some future foundation problems.

So as you can see from the photo to the left, the first thing we built was a small retaining wall that would divert water around the house to a drain that would take it to the street. The only thing low about this low cost deck is the price. We think everything out upfront.

This retaining wall also enabled us to grade the property where the new patio would be build. Now we could control where the water flowed. We installed a large drain right in the middle of the patio deck to take any water from the rain or a good hosing, and steer it around the side of the house and into the street as well.

This was a very simple, low cost patio deck that we built, but everything came together and it looked great. Not to mention it's layout and size was great for entertaining. It provided plenty of space with 4 different seating areas, easy access from the kitchen as well as the family room and we even put in a new bathroom that could be accessed directly from the patio. And another plus was the new retaining wall was the perfect height for additional seating if needed.

Building a low cost patio deck saved the client some dollars, but the deck did not look low cost at all. In fact when the client took delivery of their new high end teak outdoor furniture, it looked right at home.

If you have a low cost deck project, feel free to give us a call, we've built just about every kind of deck there is out there and can give you some great advice.