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"We hope our construction videos of projects help you get a better idea of who we are, our standards and how we approach every project."

Ted Hill - Aim Higher Construction - LA General Contractor

What happens when our team aims higher everyday.
6 month home remodel - yep, we pulled it off.
Compacting the back fill dirt on a hillside retaining wall  insures the safety of the house above.
Patio support issues are discovered as the new retaining wall is built.
Build your retaining wall from the bedrock up and it will stand straight and level for a long, long time.
Los Angeles General Contractor teams with a local Interior Designer on a home remodel in Los Angeles
Creating a eco friendly Zen garden in Los Angeles. Drought resistant, beautiful, and easy to maintain.
Thinking of building a wood deck, here's one tip that can extend the life of your deck 2-3 times.