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"Our approach to home remodeling in Los Angeles is pretty simple, and it has always worked for us, we just treat every house we work on like it's our own".

Ted Hill - Aim Higher Construction - LA General Contractor

Watch a video of a total Aim Higher Construction home remodel on the west side of Los Angeles.
home remodeling in Los Angeles

This is a media room we built in Hollywood Hills that is very special. The client wanted all wires, controls and speakers hidden or as unobtrusive as possible, in other words a very clean modern design. But he also wanted to be able to access the room behind the TV. Putting a door in next to the unit would of thrown off the symmetry of the room and the TV would no longer be dead center in the room. So what we did was...

We build a unit that swivels on it's center with a slight push to allow entrance to the room in back. Funny how sometimes an unreasonable request can turn into a great design solution. This was the first one like this that we did and we learned a lot about how to get it done. If you're considering something like this give us a call -  we're problem solvers and love a challenge.
home remodeling in Los Angeles

This was another nice touch we did for our client. Instead of just hanging another TV on the wall in the living room, we recessed it into the wall along with the speakers. As the finial touch, we also created a recessed place next to the TV wired with a small LED light above for a work of art. The look is clean, simple and dramatic. Just the way the client wanted it.
home remodeling in Los Angeles

This was a bedroom that had not been touched since the 50's. It had lots of heavy wood paneling and trim through out. So the first thing we did was clean up the lines - taking out all the wood paneling and all the trim off around the doors and windows. Then we let the new wood floors flow into the room and only added one color to the room, an 50's blue to the closet doors. It's still a small room, but now it's a happy room.
home remodeling in Los Angeles

In this Los Angeles home renovation, the fireplace had a log like asymmetrical mantle above the fireplace along with an asymmetrical hearth below. The first thing we did was get rid of the mantle above and repair the wall. The second thing we did was tear out the hearth below and replace it with a symmetrical hearth with stacked porcelain smoke grey tiles. It's hard to beat simple when it comes to timeless beauty.

A home improvement project has many moving parts. Like the person who is going to design the changes, the accomplished Los Angeles general contractor and his sub-contractors who will bring your vision to life, the price of the materials, and finally the fixtures you choose, these all will impact the cost of your home remodeling in Los Angeles.

This is why hiring someone experienced to manage your entire los angeles home remodeling project could, in the long run save you a lot of time…and money.

But let's say right now you just want to get an idea of what remodeling home costs are before you start tearing down walls and re--routing pipes. Well, there are a couple of ways to get a quick Los Angeles home remodel estimate.
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The details can tell you a lot about a builder. Pay attention to them.
1. Figure out the cost per square foot: This is the most common way to get some home renovation costs numbers fast. It simply gives you a cost per square foot of area you want to remodel. Here's how it works; measure the square footage of the area of your house that will be involved in the home improvement project, or that will be substantially renovated and multiple that by a cost of $100 to $700 per square foot.  $100 per square foot being on the very low end, and $700 per square foot being on the high end. You will probably be some where in the middle, unless of course money is no object, then your home remodeling in Los Angeles project is gonna be all fun and no stress. But if cost is an issue...

It works like this, say you have a 3000-square-foot home you want to remodel.  Then take 3000 and multiply it by the range of possible costs per square foot, $100 to $700, and you get an estimate for this remodel. Or if you just want to renovate a hall way and one room, add up the square footage for them only and multiply. This will give you a good idea of your home remodeling costs.

A quality Los Angeles home remodeling project is a combination of the expertise of the contractor, and the cost per square foot you want to spend. Simple as that.
quality home improvements
Stone work done to exacting measurements.
quality home improvements
Hand crafted percision cut handrails.
2. Get an estimate from a contractor or architect: You just need to tell them you want a total home renovation or let them know which rooms you want to remodel.  Your Los Angeles home remodeling contractor or architect will measure for you and figure out an estimate of cost based on how much you want to spend.  These professionals will estimate using an average that is based on their experience from similar projects in the area where you live and your requirements on the type and quality of materials to be used. To make sure the quote from the contractor is accurate you need to give them complete information about what you think should be included in your project. Think it out and be specific, other wise the remodeling home costs will not be accurate and you will have some surprises later, believe me you don't want home remodel surprises, they are not fun.

After you get your first home remodeling Los Angeles cost quote, do your homework and get out there and call other contractors, architects and compare their home renovation costs quotes.  Beware of quotes that are too low, because these contractors either don't understand the job or are just trying to low ball to get the job, then they start billing overages later driving your home improvement costs up.

At the end of the day your home renovation costs will depend largely on your tastes in materials ( they can get expensive) and finding good craftsmen (the good ones cost a little more but will save you in the long run). And when you have second thoughts (I know you will) just try and weigh your Los Angeles home remodeling costs with the joy the finished project will bring you, in the end, that's all that matters any how.

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