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los angeles bathroom remodeling

Here's a bathroom remodel where we built a roman tub with a full skylight above. The lady of the house liked taking baths so they wanted something special. So we designed a custom tub  where she could relax her head on a pillow while soaking and watch the clouds pass by, or do a little star gazing if the sun had fallen.
los angeles bathroom remodeling

This was a small bathroom remodel where we needed to make the most of the  space. So we tucked the shower into the corner with glass on two sides, this helped create the illusion of more space. Next we created a custom skylight that fit the top of the shower space perfectly. The natural light coming in from above adds drama as well as light making the bathroom actually look a lot bigger than it is.
los angeles bathroom remodeling

This was a bathroom remodel in Hollywood Hills where the client wanted to do everything with a nod to the mid century. We achieved this by using smokey porcelian tiles, modern handles and faucets that all came together for a look that we like to call "modern mid century".
los angeles bathroom remodeling

One of the things we love to do with bathroom remodels, if we can, is curb less and doorless showers. This one uses flat multi-colored grey rocks on the floor - the glass shower wall is cut into the floor and wall for a seamless look . This is a super clean look and visually increases the size of the bathroom optically.
los angeles bathroom remodeling
Planing every step ahead of time insures the job ends up looking great.

The average cost for bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles...

That's the subject anybody thinking about a new bathroom remodel is interested in. The truth is, a new bathroom is going to depend on a lot of variables, like your dimensions, adding lights, moving plumbing (and by moving plumbing I mean relocating the toilet, vanity, tub or changing all fixtures).


So to find out the "bathroom remodeling Los Angeles" costs...

You first need to determine the size of your bathroom, for this you just need a tape measure. Then you need to make a detailed list of what your going for, meaning design and materials that appeal to your taste and pocket book. This takes some leg work, but the more you do the closer you'll get to figuring out your Los Angeles bathroom remodeling costs.

*Lets look at the average bathroom remodel cost for a bathroom 5'x8'...

This is a standard size for a bathroom and good place to start. Most new bathrooms this size would be in the $10,000 to $20,000 price range for a complete bathroom renovation (moving fixtures, walls etc). This is using quality bathroom cabinets, tile and fixtures.

In other words, this is not going to be just a bathroom, this is going to be the bathroom of your dreams. Of course if you have big dreams the average bathroom remodel cost could go even higher, a lot higher.

los angeles bathroom remodeling
Our shower with the sky above.

*Now lets look at the average Los Angeles bathroom remodeling project that's just a update...

Meaning new tile, cabinets, and fixtures but not moving any plumbing.

This bathroom remodel will be a heck of a lot less. In fact your price could drop seriously, (depending on the quality of materials used) like less than half or more. So we're now in the $5,000 to $10,000 price range.

But remember, this means not moving any plumbing, adding new lights, or replacing your tub.

So the average cost of bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles is...

As you've learned, it all depends on how far you want to go building your new bathrooms. The sky is the limit on what you could spend on new tubs, title, lighting and fixtures.


On that note, we'd like to point out, new bathrooms are a good investment, first for their adding value to your home, and second by raising the feel good factor about where you live. Bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles takes some time but then anything worth anything usually does.

Besides, what better place to put your money than where you live.

Just make sure you find yourself a solid Los Angeles general contractor and you're on your way to a home improvement that will be enjoyed every single day.

los angeles bathroom remodeling
The custom tub we built below.

If you're still wondering what is the average cost of a bathroom remodel...

Why not give us a call today. We love to talk about new bathrooms and could have just the bathroom remodel solution you're looking for. Your average cost for bathroom remodel, call today and find out:  310 .  476 . 0999.
los angeles bathroom remodeling
Some of the bathroom remodels in one of our total home renovation projects.